License Plate Game Free Printable for Kids

License Plate Game F

Are you starting to plan your summer road trip yet? If so, you know you are going to need to keep your kids occupied in the car!

Over spring break, we took a cruise, but had to drive to New Orleans to catch the boat.  My kids are not so little anymore, so they typically keep themselves entertained. On a 12.5 hour drive though, they got tired of playing video games and watching movies!  I decided to introduce them to the “License Plate Game”.  It’s amazing how quickly time flies by for the kids when they are actively trying to see all of the passing car and truck’s license plates!  Even when we would stop to eat, the boys were hunting in the parking lots for plates they had not found yet!

License Plate Game free printable

I created this License Plate Game Free Printable for Kids that you can give to each of your kids!  Hand them each a copy and let the competition begin.  If you are looking for a few ways you can spice the game up, you might want to try these:

  • Put a time limit on the game (how many plates can you find in an hour?)
  • Whoever gets all plates that start with the letter “M” or “N” (or whatever letter you pick) first, wins.
  • The first person to find 15 plates wins.
  • Try to get a horizontal or vertical row filled up, the first person who does, wins.

Ready to play? Simply grab the link below and print out as many copies as you need. Enjoy your trip and drive safe, and have fun playing the License Plate Game!


License Plate Game Download

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