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Yesterday, the big day finally arrived!  The launch of an ebook, 31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality,  written by one of my favorite peeps…sweet Miss Edie!!  Last year down in Nashville at Blissdom 2012 my client and friend Ruth from Living Well Spending Less introduced me to Edie…which meant I also got to meet Patty and and Emily too. Edie’s welcome and sweet spirit just radiates..so evident on our  little excursion to do a little shopping: we were blessed with some classic country music as we rode into Nashville {the best ‘good feeling’ southern moment!}.

Shortly after our  Blissdom trip, Edie and I worked together on her blog redo:

If you don’t already follow Edie’s blog, you need to go check it out. Get your kleenex out when you read about her house fire here.  Then get your dancin’ shoes on as you read about her rebuild which was showcased in Better Homes and Gardens just this past January {I seriously had anxiety everyday waiting for the mail to come with my magazine and when it finally came I was so nervous to open it LOL and i cherished reading every.single.word}!

This past fall Edie started working on her ebook.  We had so many conversations while she was writing; it was easy for me to see how passionate and heartfelt this little piece of work has been to Edie.  I am so SO SO proud of her! Honored to call her my friend. Thrilled to share her book with you!  It’s just a mere $5.  It’s a teeny tiny investment and you will walk away with so much knowledge your mind will want to burst!

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